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//We make// Church urns and bridesmaid bouquet for wedding at Fowlis Wester church, Crieff

//We make// Wedding of Christine and Neill, reception set up and bouquet at Crieff Hydro Hotel

Dahlia, Roses, chamomile, flowering mint. matthiola, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary

//We Make//
Styled shoot at Woodside Warehouse, Glasgow
Photography by Christopher Currie Photography

//We Make// Styled shoot at Woodside Warehouse, Glasgow
Photography by Christopher Currie Photography

//We Make//

Styled shoot at Woodside Warehouse with the Glasgow Wedding Collective.

Stationary by EYI Love
Cake by Big Bear Bakery
Photography by Christopher Currie Photography

//We Make// Concrete, summer flowers, colour clash, bare brick

Woodside Warehouse, Glasgow
Photo credit to: Christopher Currie Photography

//We Make// The Byre at Inchyra for Melissa and Matt’s big day, troughs decorated with ferns, heather, ornithalagum, campanula, bay leaf, gladioli, delphinium and bells of Ireland

We make//Response Floristry

I’m hoping you’ll have heard of the song “Hound Dog”, It was originally recorded by “Big Mama Thorton” but now most people recognise this version by Elvis..


But have you heard also of Rufus Thomas’ record “Bear Cat” ?


Between the 1930s and 1950s a new concept in the world of blues and r and b music became popular, the response song was born (and bear cat was the response to hound dog) They were usually female artists’ responses to a song by a male artist. If old music ain’t your thing then Katy Perry’s “California Girls” was a response song to Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind”

Anyhow, I only came across all this earlier this year whilst on a trip to Sun Studios, Memphis, where so much magic was created. It got me thinking of the floral equivalent, for a little while now floral blogs have been full of women wearing hair circlets, then the menfolk started getting flowered up, beards to be precise..I think this one kicked it off (image:pinterest)

flower beard

Then all the hipster menfolk got going (just google flower beard.)

And whilst women in circlets are looking all pretty and girly the men just get to look hipster cool, there’s got to be some imbalance there. Stuff that inequality!! So here you have it hipster menfolk, women can do the floral beard too y’know, if i ever have the misfortune of growing a beard in my post menopause days when hormones have got in the way, this is how i’m going to style it, in. your. face hipster men,here’s a slice of my floral response images, enjoy…

//we make// bouquet and centrepiece for Jenni and Stuart at Prestonfield House

//we love//

//we love//

(Source: gabytaangeles, via louisepandora)

//We make// Jill and Matthew’s wedding at The Caves, Edinburgh, Spring 2014

Photography by the ever great Mirrorbox Photography


//We make// Foliage. The new Fascinator.

British Weddings, they do funny things to guest’s fashion sense. Matching satin accessories. Getting your shoes dyed. Matching your hat to your husband’s tie. That sort of weird business.

Fascinators are up there too. The word fascinator bothers me, it sounds like you’re going to wear a spaceship on your head, and sometimes that’s an accurate description. There are some talented people out there who make hair accessories (or fascinators…) that look amazing, but most people succumb to the feathered satin itchy ones from department stores that, in photographs, makes it look like something is growing out of their right ear.

So ladies, avoid the dyed feathers and adorn your head with foliage and flowers, and step.away.from the satin pointed court shoes

//We Love// good fu@#ing design advice

//We Love// good fu@#ing design advice

//We Make// Heaven scented Bouquets

// We Love// amazing 60s interior, Leipzig-Germany

// We Love// amazing 60s interior, Leipzig-Germany